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College Spotlight: Northeastern University

Updated: Mar 13

College Spotlight: Northeastern University

College Spotlight is a very short introduction to a college/university, with some fun and interesting highlights I've gathered during tours, meetings with admission staff, webinars, and research.

Hopefully these College Spotlight posts will help you determine whether a school could be a good fit and warrants additional research.

Northeastern University
Northeastern University

The first school in my College Spotlight series is Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Northeastern has grown and changed so quickly in recent years, and I get quite a few questions about it.

Here are some quick highlights about Northeastern University:

  • Northeastern is a very urban campus, though not in the "skyscraper" area of Boston. The campus has very easy access to the "T" (Boston's subway).

  • The campus architecture has a very modern feel. There is not a ton of green space, but what it does have is very student-friendly.

Green space at Northeastern University
Green space at Northeastern University
  • The Northeastern community highly values co-ops, research, global mindset, and service. Students whose values align may find Northeastern to be a good fit.

  • Applications at Northeastern have increased dramatically throughout this century. In 2001, there were fewer than 15,000 first year applicants. In 2016, that figure rose to around 50,000 applicants. In 2022, there were over 96,000 first year applicants!

  • Northeastern offers many alternative pathway programs, including direct admission to their Oakland or London campuses, the NUin fall start abroad program, and Global Scholars. Willingness to be accepted to any/all pathway options increases chances of acceptance.

  • Boston is a vibrant city, and the home of many colleges and universities along the "T". Northeastern students say it's easy to meet students from other institutions.

  • As one example, the Bean Pot is a highly celebrated, two week hockey tournament each February between Northeastern, Boston College, Boston University and Harvard.

  • Due to the career-focused approach of Northeastern and the prevalence of co-op and international experiences, students often find that their social circles evolve throughout the college experience.

The EXP building at Northeastern University
The EXP building at Northeastern University
  • Northeastern's newest science building, called EXP, is truly breathtaking! It includes classrooms, labs, and spaces for collaboration, innovation, and networking.

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