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Hourly Consulting 

G2C Growing2College high school and college planning

Guidance on Any High School/College Planning Topic
Appropriate for 8th-12th grade students

Hourly consultations are a great option for families/students that have specific topics of focus. Below are some common questions students/families ask in hourly consultations:


  • Which high school courses should I take and at what level?

  • Which extracurriculars are best for me, and how do I show growth/development?

  • Should I take the ACT/SAT? To which college(s) should I send my scores?

  • Which summer programs are best for me?

  • How does athletic recruitment work?

  • What should I know/do on a college tour?

  • How do I maximize my chances of merit aid for college?

  • How does need-based financial aid work?

  • What should I look for when researching colleges?

  • Which application type should I choose (Rolling, EA, REA, ED1, ED2, RD)?

  • How do I maximize my Activities list on the Common App?

  • How should I submit an additional item with my college app (portfolio, resume, etc.)?

  • How do I prepare for an admissions interview?

  • How does the college transfer process work?

These and any other high school and college-related questions are welcome!

This service includes 1 hour of meeting time with Kate Pedigo
. Interview prep may be provided by Karen Ecanow. Families may add additional hours at any time.

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