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G2C Growing2College high school and college planning

Maximizing High School 

Targeted Support with High School and College Planning

Appropriate for Any Starting Point Within 8th–10th Grade

Maximizing High School is an excellent option for families who are seeking guidance in maximizing their student's unique pathway through high school. This package is especially helpful for families who would like periodic meetings over multiple semesters to reassess their student's progress toward their goals and remain current with their college planning timeline.

Included in this package:

• Intake meeting to get to know parent(s) and student and review high-level objectives for the partnership

• Discussion of academic goals and assistance with course planning 

• Guidance on productive approaches to building an extracurricular resume that align with the students interests and goals

• Explanation of important timelines in the high school and college planning process


• Proprietary spreadsheet to track honors, tests, and activities that aligns with the Common App questions

• Detailed timeline outlining tasks and milestones students/families should complete throughout the journey to college

This package includes four hours of meeting time with Kate Pedigo that can be utilized as needed during the high school and college planning process.


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