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College Transfer Guidance 

G2C Growing2College high school and college planning

Guidance on Navigating the Transfer Application Process
Appropriate for current college students considering transfer to another institution
College students sometimes face challenges that lead them to consider transferring to another institution. Most often, students have academic, social, financial, or health reasons for considering a change. The College Transfer Guidance package helps students understand their options and prepare for next steps.
Included in this package:

  • Explore reasons for transfer

  • Determine whether transfer is the best option

  • Consider ways the transfer and freshman application processes differ

  • Discuss how to research potential colleges, including transfer requirements and college credit considerations, acceptance rates, and services for transfer students

  • Review college list for balance or start college search with recommendation of 3 schools


This package includes 2 hours of meeting time with Kate Pedigo and 1 hour of consultant research and development of recommendations. 

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