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Frequently Asked Questions

G2C Growing2College high school and college planning

Do you meet in person or online?

Kate and her essay coach partners work with students across multiple time zones, so all meetings are via Zoom. It works great because students and consultants often need to screen share. It's also convenient because students/parents don't have to travel for appointments, and can join meetings from different locations as needed.

What are your office hours?

Consultants can be flexible with meeting times. We do our best to accommodate weekday, evening, and weekend appointments.

What services do you offer?

G2C provides a range of high school and college planning services, including Maximizing High School, Exploring Majors & Careers, College Search & Selection, Common App & Essay Coaching, College Transfer Guidance, and Hourly Consulting. Please click on the Services tab in the menu for details.

When should we start with high school and college planning services?

While each family's situation is unique, the earliest we recommend is spring of 8th grade to focus on high school academic and extracurricular planning. In 10th or 11th grade, students may be ready to focus on Exploring Majors and Careers and College Search & Selection. In spring of 11th grade, students may want to start planning the college application process. Kate Pedigo, founder of G2C, will be happy to provide a free 20-min consultation call to help you determine appropriate services and timelines.

What are your fees?

G2C offers a la carte pricing so that families can choose the services that meet their needs and budgets. For details, see G2C's Pricing Guide        

What can I do if I’d like to learn more?

Kate Pedigo, G2C founder, will be happy to help your family to develop a customized plan to support your student's journey to college. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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