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College students

Exploring Majors & Careers 

G2C Growing2College high school and college planning

Guidance on Identifying Aptitudes and Potential Best-Fit Majors and Careers
Appropriate for 9–12th Grade Students
Most students choose a major based on areas of interests and/or fields that feel familiar. Exploring Majors & Careers not only incorporates these factors, but also focuses on aptitudes and how those personal strengths align with potential majors and careers. This package is often followed by College Search & Selection. 
Included in this package:
• YouScience aptitude test (to be completed online) and personal account
• Review of the student’s academic and extracurricular background
• Basic overview of the college planning process
• Introduction to the YouScience aptitude assessment and analysis process
• Analysis and discussion of YouScience results as they relate to the student’s aptitudes, interests, and potential majors and careers
• Exploration of potential good-fit majors/careers, and guidance on continued research

This package includes three hours of meeting time with Kate Pedigo and at least one hour of consultant research to gather personalized information for student to research potential majors.

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