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College Spotlight: Georgia Tech

College Spotlight: University of Alabama

College Spotlight is a very short introduction to a college/university, with some fun and interesting highlights I've gathered during tours, meetings with admission staff, webinars, and research.

Hopefully these College Spotlight posts will help you determine whether a school could be a good fit and warrants additional research.

Georgia Tech campus

Georgia Tech is a highly respected STEM-based university in Atlanta. Here are some quick highlights:

  • The campus is in the City of Atlanta and while it has a defined campus, it's definitely an urban school

  • GA Tech is highly selective and prioritizes in-state applicants. Typically though, all 50 states are represented in each class, and about 10% of students are international

  • There are separate EA deadlines for in-state students and non-Georgia residents

  • Requires test scores for all applicants

  • Major choice does weigh into admissions, and it helps if some coursework and extracurriculars support major choice

  • Students cannot apply Undeclared for major

  • The Engineering college is the largest, but there are 5 other colleges as well: Computing, Sciences, Design, Business, and Liberal Arts

  • 700+ businesses employ students in co-ops and internships

  • On-campus research is available for college credit or pay

Georgia Tech
  • The campus is hilly, and the architecture has an industrial feel

  • There are a lot of meeting and social spaces throughout campus, encouraging discussion and collaboration

  • GA Tech has enough housing for about half of their undergraduate students.

  • Though STEM-based schools can tend to lean male-heavy, GA Tech has a more balanced gender distribution

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Kate Pedigo, M.Ed. NCC is an Independent Educational Consultant and founder of Growing2College.

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