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College Spotlight: Colorado School of Mines

College Spotlight: Northeastern University

College Spotlight is a very short introduction to a college/university, with some fun and interesting highlights I've gathered during tours, meetings with admission staff, webinars, and research.

Hopefully these College Spotlight posts will help you determine whether a school could be a good fit and warrants additional research.

Colorado School of Mines
Colorado School of Mines

This College Spotlight focuses on Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO. CSM can be a great fit for STEM-focused students who are interested in rigorous academics in a collaborative environment.

Here are some quick highlights about Colorado School of Mines:

  • Nestled along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, CSM has great proximity to Denver, as well outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, rafting, camping, and fishing.

  • The campus is just a few blocks from Coors Brewing Company, and the smell of hops often floats through the air.

Mt. Zion overlooking Colorado School of Mines
Mt. Zion overlooking Colorado School of Mines
  • The M Climb is an annual tradition where freshmen carry a 10lb rock up Mt. Zion to be added to the famous "M" at the top that can be seen for miles.

  • People are often surprised to hear that Colorado School of Mines is a public institution. Merit aid is available for out-of-state students.

  • CSM is an R-1 Research University and is also very well-known for its industry partnerships, providing students with a wealth of experiential/hands-on opportunities.

  • One such opportunity is Field Session, where students work in different environments as a team to better understand relevant careers and work on industry challenges.

  • Alongside a long list of STEM-focused majors, Colorado School of Mines offers interesting minors like Global Politics and Society, Space Mining, Explosive Engineering, and Music/Audio Engineering/Recording Arts.

Football field at Colorado School of Mines
Football field at Colorado School of Mines
  • Fun fact: CSM's football team has been pretty spectacular in recent years. In fact, they played in the DII championships in 2022 and 2023!

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