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College Search & Selection: Social Fit

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Social fit is an important factor in college selection.

A best-fit college or university is more than just academics. Your school will be

“home away from home” for a number of years, so your college should be a good social fit as well.

The social factors to consider in the college search are wide-ranging, but here

are a few questions to get your research started.

● Do you want to go to school with students who grew up in the same area or state?

● Are diversity and inclusivity important to you?

● Do you prefer schools with a Greek (fraternity/sorority) presence?

● Are you an avid sports fan interested in strong school spirit?

● Do you prefer a studious environment with like-minded students?

● Are you interested in an active nightlife?

● Is a faith-based culture important to you?

● Is the political climate of a school or its surrounding area a consideration?

● Are specific clubs, activities, organizations, or club/intramural sports teams important to you?

● Do you enjoy art exhibits, plays, or concerts?

● Do you like the idea of having a roommate or prefer personal space?

Social fit plays an important role in a student’s happiness and sense of

belonging, and can be invaluable when weathering the inevitable rough spots

of the college experience.

At Growing2College, we help students and families evaluate their needs and priorities with respect to college search and selection, and guide them in the creation of a balanced college list.

Request a free 20-min consultation to learn more about how we can be helpful.

Kate Pedigo, M.Ed. NCC is an Independent Educational Consultant and founder of Growing2College. Join us on social media for college planning updates, tips, and resources: Facebook   Instagram   LinkedIn    

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